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How Your Body Burns Fat

How Your Body Burns Fat

The advice given by most experts on weight loss are good, but do you really know why? There’s two aspects to weight loss: diet and exercise. Diet and the reason why it works is somewhat obvious (calories in vs. calories out), but the actual process behind the burning of calories and how your body burns fat during exercise wasn’t discovered until recently.

How Your Body Burns Fat

The most common misconceptions are that the body gets rid of calories either through a bathroom visit, sweating or heat loss. Heat loss plays a small role, but the primary way the body loses calories is through breathing. However odd it sounds, it was found that your body burnt more calories with heavy breathing inducing activities than anything else. This doesn’t mean to purposely breathe more to the point of dizzying yourself, but instead to lose weight you should attempt to do activities that involve more breathing or adopt habits that make breathing a lot easier.


Research has found that High Intensity exercise in short bursts can be just as beneficial for weight loss as can hours of long distance running. This doesn’t appear to make much sense, since conventional wisdom said that the longer you exercise the more you’ll lose. However, it makes sense in light of the actual bodily process behind weight loss.

The reason for getting your heart rate up, as most weight loss coaches will emphasize, is so that you begin breathing heavier and lose calories. As such, a 20-30 minute session of intense activity with very heavy breathing can net you as much calories lost as an hour’s jogging. This is great, since it can save you time. If you need exercises for this, I suggest looking into what’s called High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts.

Vitamin A & Electrolytes

It is one of the myths that water will help you with dry skin. Of course, you should not be dehydrated, but the primary cause of dry extremities like skin and your eyes are caused by a lack of Vitamin A. Remaining hydrated (with electrolytes) and getting enough Vitamin A will help keep your breathing obstruction-free – especially if you’re in a dry area or environment.


Relaxing is good, but relaxing too long or too much can help you gain weight. In light of recent evidence, if you’re watching too much TV or computer/phone, then you’ll end up breathing a lot less. This is especially a problem on the computer (and maybe even social media) as it’s been shown that people almost forget to breathe at all when they’re on them. If you have to be on the computer all day, you can try stress and strain reducing solutions to prevent fatigue on your body.

Social Situations

Now some overweight people may be self-conscious about breathing because of the social aspect. It may sound weird, but some overweight people become self-conscious about exercising just because they’re showing how out of shape they are when starting to exercise. Another reason might be if someone is insecure about bad breath and they end up breathing heavily. If you can resolve these issues, then starting a HIIT workout could really be of benefit to you – and also save you a lot of time.

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