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What is Budgeting?

One can easily look up the definition of budgeting, or “to budget”, but this only nets the idea of there being some allocation of money of some amount – or the act of creating such an allocation. This is not the only form of budgeting which this blog deals with, taking a more loose and philosophical approach to the definition.

What is Budgeting?

Budgeting is the act of saving both time and money. This blog aims to keep a record of those things I do to save either and both, and to give a platform to those who want to contribute to my and your (the reader’s) skills in performing the task. A big part of saving time is to have concise and digestible content which grows this skill, while minimizing unnecessary tangents.

Saving Money

The biggest open secret to saving money is to utilize your time. This doesn’t exactly help, since we’re trying to save both. You then have to spend time investigating ways of saving money and cutting corners without a decrease in quality. The main source of this is pragmatic education and research. The purpose of any blog or other educative content trying to save you money, then, is to do the research for you and present it concisely and in an easily digestible format.

Saving Time

When it comes to saving time, there’s five major ways to accomplish this:

  • The first way is planning and organization. This minimizes your time impromptuly correcting mistakes that could have been avoided with proper methodology.
  • Another way is education: this is what saves you from having to do performing your tasks in with trial-and-error, and also lets you learn from others what does or doesn’t work.
  • The third way of saving time is, ironically, extending your life. Eating healthy, exercising and promoting your general wellness is a way to extend the time you have to accomplish whatever tasks you want to.
  • The fourth way of saving time is to work in a team; this enables different perspectives and encourages focus on the current task.
  • The last way of saving time is to spend money. This is not always a bad way, as sometimes spending money lets you take advantage of the expertise of others.


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