Budget Survival
train tracks diverging

About me

I am currently an urban survivalist and environmentalist residing in Sacramento, California and aiming for a career in train dispatching. I believe in minimizing the expenditure of money so that I can spend it toward activist causes and also so it plays less relevance in my life and the lives of those at large. It is my goal to be a pragmatist with my activism, as I don’t expect anyone to do what I won’t do myself.


The year I was born. My parents were lower-middle class and my maternal grandmother and grandfather were (and still are) on the US East coast. I was born on the US West coast, where my paternal side of my family resides. My mother had moved here some time before, where she met my father.


The year I started this blog. I needed a place to organize my research on saving money (see Purpose of this Blog), specifically for nutrition and dieting, as I was a student needing money to finish college. The goal was to sustain myself on a food budget of $5 per day and continue my education while also saving time by making meals which were quick. Having a history playing video games, the term “min-maxing” is familiar to me. This is a blog keeping track of my “min-maxing” of daily urban survival.

And here I am now

Doing research on how best to save money for accomplishing what’s needed to secure a future for myself. I hope to give my kin quality structures on tight or small budgets, for their thriving and advancement day-to-day.