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Purpose of this Blog

This is a blog I use to keep a record of things I explore while I’m on a very limited budget. That budget can be artificial, imagined or otherwise a reality. This blog is not only for me to remember the journeys I take, but to give it structure and think of ways it can be improved. If I do not heavily revise posts I make, I will be creating iterations of them.

Some of the topics I plan to cover are: food, housing, technology, entertainment and meta-topics like running this blog itself.  I hope the information I share is worthy enough to provide value to those who are part of my kin. Who are my kin? Those who can appreciate my journey and methods.

This is not a blog for just any posts, though. It is not a blog for me to vent daily frustrations or other behaviors from angst or awe. This is a blog for budgeting and surviving; not art. I count entertainment as a basic human need and not necessarily artistic or with purpose; sometimes people just want to ‘veg out’. The structure put in place for this sort of entertainment are profit-run enterprises which can be budgeted.

As you can probably tell, anything which is associated with money, I do not associate with purposeful or artistic expression. Some may call budgeting or accounting an art in itself, as they count rational inquiry as a form of art itself, but I’m not counted among them. Or, at the very least, I do not see money as anything but a tool for specific ends.

I may, at times, present my own opinion in the articles I write, but they will take on a minor role. I have other avenues for activism and I will keep the separate. If you find value in the content posted here, it is meant for you. If you can derive the deeper meaning of that, you’ll have some insight into my ‘other life’, as inevitably all of me will present itself in anything I create.

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