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How To Get Rid Of A Sugar High

How To Get Rid Of A Sugar High

Maybe you just went on or are preparing to go on a food binge, having pizza and soda, and you’re trying to get rid of a sugar high or tips to sustain your blood sugar. Here are tips I found to regulate blood sugar and get rid of any post-binge restlessness.


Include a side, dessert or topping with any of the following nutrients.

Healthy Fats

Healthy fats include anything with MUFAs, PUFAs, MCT or are rich in CLA. MUFAs and PUFAs you can find in any traditional source: olive oil, avocado, omega-3 rich nuts, etc. MCT is commonly found in coconut oil. CLAs are more dense in grassfed butter. Including any of these with your meals, sides or desserts will help stabilize sugar highs and lows you get from excess carbs or sugar.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has been shown to help stabilize blood sugar by reducing the absorption through the intestine. It’s suggested that you eat this before your meal, in something like a salad with vinegar rich dressing.


If you can find a way to fit blueberries into your meal, without making your sugar ride worse (no blueberry pie!) then these can help you out. You might try a low sugar blueberry smoothie or adding them to some oatmeal.


Binge meals like pizza may have protein, but really not enough to counteract the carbs and soda. Protein helps increase your insulin sensitivity, so having some sort of dense protein alongside or after your meals will help regulate your blood sugar. You might try a chocolate casein powder for a faux-milkshake dessert, or you can try some protein dense foods as sides to your meal. Another to consider is salami with cream cheese, or cheese with mayo.

Cinnamon and Tumeric

Both of these herbs are known to have blood sugar regulatory properties. Including turmeric in your meal or side dish will help your blood sugar stay stable. Cinnamon is a good option as well, and can easily be added to low carb or sugar desserts. For example, when I was going crazy from too much soda and pizza, I had oatmeal with butter and cinnamon. And speaking of oatmeal.


Last but not least is fiber. Fibers are a good way to drown out any carb or sugar dense food items and stabilize their absorption. Fiber can be found in vegetables (like potatoes) and some grains (like oats/oatmeal). A side of oven-baked potato fries or baked potato can be a good option. You could also consider a fiber dense dessert like oatmeal. Some people have also been known to try fiber supplements distributed on their food.

Magnesium and Collagen

Magnesium and Collagen have shown some benefits in blood sugar regulation. A source of magnesium that easily fits into dessert is 70% cocoa dark chocolate (less will make it worse). Collagen can be found in things like bone broth, which could accompany your meal as a side of soup.

Water and Potassium

Almost no health list would be complete without water. Water can help your body manage the amount of sugar you have and make digestion of any remedial blood sugar balancing meals happen faster and easier. Electrolytes like Potassium are also known to be important in regulating your body’s insulin.


Here are some behavioral things you can do to minimize the blood sugar roller coaster.

Walk After Eating

If you take a walk after your meal, your metabolism goes up to utilize all the energy you just consumed much easier so it isn’t stored as fat and you also aren’t restless from pent up energy. This also goes with simply choosing to stand instead of sit.

Regular Sleep

If you sleep regularly, your body will better be able to handle waking differences in blood sugar. Night owl or not, get a regular sleep schedule.

Carbohydrate Wariness

Don’t go full paranoid, but be wary and investigate your methods of consuming carbohydrates. High fiber ways of consuming of consuming carbs, like oatmeal, are healthy.

More Information

Try looking up information on sugar crashes and the ability to regulate them, since they always come after a sugar high. Here is a short video that talks about preventing them:

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